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Samad Onque

For as long as he can remember, Samad Onque has been connected to the arts and comics. He has been nurturing his love for both since his early beginnings growing up in Newark New Jersey. As a comic book collector he developed an appreciation for their unique storytelling and artistry. With a Fine Arts degree from Morgan State University, Samad has become a portrait painter, graphic designer and muralist. He is also the co- founder of On-Q Comics, writers and creators of Ratchetman and Super Sketch Painter. He is also one-third of the Art tandem, 3 The Art Way that includes his Mother, Yvonne and Brother, Suliman. His goal is to provide strong, unique stories and images for people of color can identify with and be proud of. “I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to develop a connection with others by doing something I am totally passionate about, I do not take that for granted”.

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